TD Video Services uses state of the art technologies to turn your 8mm movies, VHS or Hi8 tapes and 35mm slides into easy to view DVDs!

Older analog recording media such as film and magnetic tape degrade over time, resulting in fading colors, scratches and noise. Even when stored in perfect conditions, these media will eventually become useless and your recorded memories will be gone forever!

Modern digital media is much more stable, and can be duplicated many times with virtually no loss in image or audio quality. As the technology for storing audio and video changes over time, transferring the images you treasure will be a snap - much easier than rescanning the originals which may have degraded to the point of unuseability.

Please contact us to discuss what type of media you want converted and what you visualize as the final product. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that your memories are saved for future generations to enjoy!

before and after

You'll be glad you chose TD Video Services to protect your memories.